A Bag Filled With “TION’s”

Mitch Schneider
March 14, 2020

There was a lot to talk about in the video this morning. A lot of information to share. Information is one of those words like anticipation, preparation, innovation, and imagination, ending in “tion.”

Perhaps, most important among them: appreciation. Appreciation for those of you who reacted to my video and blog on the critical need for blood and platelet donations. Those of you who shared that post. And, particularly those of you who took the next step and made an appointment to donate.

Those who depend on those donations (another “tion” word!) appreciate you and your actions more than you can know.

The next “tion,” and the focus of this morning’s post, is imagination. Taking what we know about Covid-19: the challenges and obstacles confronting all of us, to create thoughtful and imaginative responses. I found a perfect example of this in an email I received from a favorite restaurant of ours.

It shared every aspect of what was being done to protect both patrons and staff. The list detailed no less than ten* specific actions management had taken and left no doubt that virtually every inevitability had been anticipated.

In addition, it offered alternatives to in-restaurant dining. Like curb-side pickup, delivery, and no-charge, home-delivery options.

In a time of disruption, anxiety, and concern, the email was encouraging. Reassuring. A roadmap to what any small business owner can — And, probably should be doing — to communicate confidence to the communities they serve and support.

I know that is precisely what I would be doing after finding something like this in my Inbox.


*You can contact me for the specifics of the email

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