A Day in the (Outpatient) Life…

Mitch Schneider
November 21, 2019

Today was a Clinic Day and I thought it might be interesting if you accompanied me.

My appointment was for just after lunch. Twelve-forty, Lab Work. One-forty, with the doctor. A late appointment can leave you stranded in traffic for hours. Lesley and I often schedule a late breakfast or early lunch to compensate and today was one of those days.

Then, the search for a coveted parking space, signing in at the registration desk, getting your blood drawn, a trip to the Clinic, and finally a visit with the doctor. It’s hard not to build a sense of community with folks you see this regularly. Doctors, nurses, scheduling specialists, and other patients, are all held in orbit by the gravitational pull of the institution. All sharing the same or a similar reality.

After a successful visit with my doctor — successful defined as encouraging, not terrifying — it was off to visit another Primary Myelofibrosis patient who has had some problems and is still being treated as an inpatient.

Here is where you cannot overstate the healing power of a hospital visit! They are proof you still exist for the patient. Proof that everything is and will continue to be alright for the visitor!

Afterward, a trip to the pharmacy we’ve been using since I left the hospital and the long ride home to put everything in perspective while sitting in L.A. Rush Hour traffic for an hour-and-a-half (Or, more).

Then, it’s dinner, time to try and relax, and the realization you get to do it all over again in two weeks!


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