A Little Normalcy, Please!

Mitch Schneider
October 27, 2019

In the video I just completed — https://youtu.be/8poz97DwbnI, I mentioned how grateful I am for this moment. For the last forty-eight hours, really. Forty-eight hours that were filled with a number of experiences we were denied for almost a year.

One of those things Lesley and I missed most was the company of good friends. Specifically, finding ourselves unable to see a group of friends we’ve been getting together with once a month for more than thirty-five years!

Another was having to give up our tickets for last year’s season at the Hollywood Pantages Theater

When it became apparent that a stem cell/bone marrow transplant was not only possible but imminent, I secluded myself from contact with the world that existed beyond my front door. It was a self-imposed exile, but the risk of contamination was too great — the opportunity for a cure, too close.

Sacrifice is easier when the rewards are obvious, and the ultimate objective is attainable. In my case, we were able to experience at least some of those rewards over the past few hours.

We were able to entertain, practicing Lesley’s Three “C’s:” Coffee, Cake, and Conversation! And, we were able to attend the first musical of this year’s Hollywood Pantages Season this afternoon.

It was incredible! All of it. Even the traffic getting in and out of Hollywood!

Another step closer to the life we shared before my diagnosis. Before the transplant. And, that step closer was significant. Not just because of what it represented. It was significant because it was one step closer built on all the steps closer that preceded it.

One step closer to the ultimate goal of a little normalcy, please!


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