A Mulligan…

Mitch Schneider
July 11, 2021

I don’t play golf. I never have and at this point in my life, it’s unlikely I ever will.

Two of my closest friends told me “You’re not emotionally suited for the game…” At least, that’s what they said forty years ago. More precisely, they reminded me I was more than a little compulsive and that picking up a golf club would essentially ruin my life.

Golf never really did it for me anyway. At least, not enough to see if they were right. I’m not sure if I could ever appreciate any game that moved with the same speed as the Columbian Ice Fields. Either way, the game never excited me enough to try.

However, there was one element of golf that really intrigued me. Something worth getting excited about and that is the concept of a Mulligan. A ‘do-over.’

There is something really appealing—almost seductive—about taking another shot at whatever it is you just did. Another shot without penalty. A second chance with the benefit of what you may have learned on your first try without the consequences associated with that first less than desirable result.

I’m not going to lie. Over the course of a lifetime, there were plenty of times I would have given anything for a second chance to get it right.

Plenty of times I was forced to back up and take another run at a problem or opportunity. But it was never without cost—a cost in dollars, time, or emotion. That taught me it invariably costs more to do it over than it does to do it right. A need to get it right the first time.

Still, the idea of a Mulligan is intriguing. Certainly, attractive enough to wonder about. Just not enough to motivate a trip to the nearest golf course!


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