AIM: A Little Stream of Consciousness

Mitch Schneider
February 27, 2020

A big part of my recovery is regaining my strength and endurance. The clots, bi-lateral pulmonary emboli, and pneumonia really beat me up.

Walking my way back to ‘normal’ seems to be the best way to accomplish that. It’s something Lesley and I are trying to work into our everyday routine.

I think that’s why I kept returning to the theme of a recent video and blog post:  Aspiration/Inspiration/Motivation, on our most recent walk. I was thinking about it enough to realize those three elements of human behavior form yet another acronym: AIM.

How do they fit together? How does AIM work?

Aspirations fuel accomplishment. They drive us to achieve more: to be more. Aspiration is internal. What we aspire to is personal. Something we decide as individuals. But, it takes more than motivation and inspiration to coax those aspirations into reality.

Inspiration is external. The result of external forces. We see something. Read something. Experience something, that drives us to pursue our aspirations. Something that helps us realize they are possible.

Motivation is almost purely internal. A speaker — no matter how motivational — cannot get you to do anything you are not internally motivated to do. And, that drive must come from within. You are either motivated or you are not.

If you’re serious about success. Serious about achieving your goals. Accomplishing your objectives. It will take an acronym like AIM: Aspiration, Inspiration, and Motivation, to make that happen.

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