An Open Window…

Mitch Schneider
December 29, 2021

I awakened this morning haunted by a particularly strange dream. A totally immersive experience that felt as real last night as banging away on this keyboard does right now.

Identifying this dream simply as strange wouldn’t do it justice. Having your subconscious stitch together bits and pieces of reality and imagination while you are asleep can be a real adventure. Especially when that dream has you focused on all the windows in a massive old Victorian mansion sitting alone on the crest of a barren, windswept hill.  Particularly disconcerting when you find yourself racing from one room to the next trying to figure out what those windows were trying to tell you.

What did it mean if a window was closed? What if they were open? Was the direction of the wind significant? Meaningful? Was there a message in the movement of the curtains? Whether being drawn out of the room or blown back in.

What Did it Mean?

I remember scratching my head, wondering what it all meant. What my subconscious was trying to tell me. Show me.

Were the windows symbolic? If they were, of what? Did they represent opportunity? Possibility? If so, how?

If you are looking for answers you may have to look elsewhere. I’m not sure I’ve figured it out quite yet.  Parts of the dream are still fragmented and a little too sketchy.

Who knows… Maybe I woke up too soon. I don’t know. What I do know is that I’ll never be able to look at windows in the same way again. It will no longer be a matter of whether a window is open or closed, but rather whether or not that window reveals opportunities that are present. Possibilities to take advantage of. Opportunities that are being blocked. Or, more troublesome, opportunities that are slowly slipping away.


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