An Unfair Advantage…

Mitch Schneider
March 16, 2020

It seems strange suggesting that over the past year, my treatment, recovery, and isolation has somehow prepared us for self-quarantine, but it has.

In fact, I’d say it’s actually provided us with an unfair advantage. After all, we’ve had a year to get ready. A year of creative distractions and imaginative diversions. We practiced sacrifice and self-control long before Covid-19 appeared.

So long, we’ve actually become good at it.

I am used to constraints. Familiar with social isolation. Comfortable finding creative ways to amuse ourselves. Focused on remaining active and engaged.

It’s a simple recipe, really. One that doesn’t take much. A pinch of imagination. A tablespoon of self-disciple. An abundance of optimism. Equal measures of care and concern. And, as much positive energy as you can muster.

There are other ingredients we shouldn’t overlook. Important ingredients like flexibility, tolerance, understanding, appreciation, and acceptance.

My initial diagnosis, subsequent transplant, and functioning with a compromised immune system, have all prepared me for everything that has transpired since the virus first appeared. It’s helped me understand what’s important. What’s essential.

Lot’s to think about. Lot’s to act upon.

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