As If Someone Was Watching…

Mitch Schneider
March 27, 2020

There is a principle in Quantum Physics — the Heisenberg Principle — that suggests it is impossible to observe the properties or behavior of an element or event without changing it. That the simple act of observation is enough to influence the result.

I’d like to suggest it applies to more than Quantum Physics. I’d like to suggest it applies to just about everything. Everything with the possible exception of leadership. The behavior of a true leader is not dependent on whether or not they are being observed. The actions of a true leader are consistent with their vision — their purpose — and not much else.

What about the rest of us? Is your behavior subject to whether or not you are being measured or monitored?

the Heisenberg Principle

The answer depends upon your willingness to lead. The realization you don’t need to own a business, manage a team, or attain political office to be a leader. You can — and, should — lead by example, simply because you are being watched! Being watched by everyone around you: by family members and friends, business associates and colleagues.

They listen to what you say and watch what you do. They measure and monitor your actions whether you have made the decision to lead or not.

Is knowing you are being observed enough to influence your behavior? Your actions?

Should it be?

My answer is a resounding yes! Yes, because the people who are watching just might find themselves transformed by your words and actions! Why? Because there is no better definition of effective leadership than that. At least, not in my opinion. But my opinion isn’t the only one that matters. Especially, when it comes to something like this.

The only thing that matters when it comes to behaving as if someone was watching is what you think. So… What do you think?

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