“Who Moved My Cheese” Meets “The Karate Kid”

Misfire: What to Do When Things Aren’t Running on All Cylinders traces a small business owner’s journey from chaos and imminent failure to serenity and success via a highly unorthodox path.

Misfire – the audiobook version with narration by David Kaye – was released June 2020 on Audible and iTunes. The paperback book originally came out in September 2019; it received numerous 5-star ratings from Amazon reviewers. Releasing at a time when many are forced to “pivot” or “reinvent,” Misfire has never been more applicable to those experiencing or wanting to make a positive change in their professional or personal lives.

Readers learn that the fictional character, Kurt Kerrigan’s contractor business isn’t running the way it’s supposed to, causing discord and stress at home. His journey begins when one of the few things he can depend on, his beloved Corvette, misfires — leading him to the most unconventional of automotive repair shops and its Mr. Miyagi-like owner.

In 2014, Mitch was diagnosed with Primary Myelofibrosis, an extremely rare bone cancer, and completed Misfire while under treatment at the City of Hope, in Duarte, Calif.

With the help of an 18-year-old Israeli donor and a 12-point Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA) match, Schneider underwent a stem cell/bone marrow transplant in April 2019.

Although he now shares his donor’s DNA and a sudden craving for Middle Eastern foods, Schneider is still the same 73-year-old who created Misfire.

“The life and business lessons within the pages of Misfire aren’t some kind of New Age mysticism,” Schneider said. “They are real-world solutions to problems small business owners confront daily.”

Author Mitch Schneider understands this terrain better than most. For nearly 40 years, he has been a recognized leader in the automotive service industry as an entrepreneur, trade journalist and nationally sought speaker. He’s helped countless small business owners achieve success through his articles, speeches, videos and textbooks. Misfire is the culmination of all his years of experience—a business novel and transformational self-help book unlike any other.

Misfire is filled with business lessons honed at the dojo that demonstrate how to bring patience, dedication, discipline, situational awareness, and good judgment to any business. Entrepreneurs will be able to identify what’s misfiring in their life and how to get things running on all cylinders again.