Blood & Platelet Plea

Mitch Schneider
March 12, 2020

I indicated it wasn’t my intent to post again this evening in the video I just recorded. I’m tired and it’s late.

So, you have to ask yourself what could possibly drive me to record and write a second post.

The answer is the critical shortage of blood and platelets facing our nation as the fear surrounding Covid-19 spreads and blood drives across the country are canceled. Three-hundred cancellations as I write this.

I know a little about blood, platelets, and the generosity of others. Donations like the one I’m asking for here saved my life and the lives of countless others.

If those donations stop people will die.

That’s why the need to overcome the fears surrounding coronavirus and Covid-19 is critical. Especially, when there is no evidence of transmission associated with donating blood or platelets.

If I could, I would have already booked my appointment. Unfortunately, as a transplant patient, I can’t. That’s why I’m asking you or someone you know to consider offering someone the gift of life.

If you’re able to donate to Blood Donor Center at the City of Hope, please call 626.218.7171. If you live out of the area and are unable to make the trip to Duarte and the City of Hope, call a donation center near you and make an appointment to donate today.

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