Mitch Schneider
June 21, 2020

I’m not sure when I realized I was enamored with Canada, but it was a while ago. It may have been during our first real vacation as a married couple more than fifty years ago when we headed north to Victoria, Vancouver, Banff, and Lake Louise.

I am sure of is. It wasn’t just one thing. It was a combination of things that included the natural beauty of both the country and its inhabitants.

That love affair continues to this day reinforced by relationships we’ve developed over the years. One such relationship is responsible for today’s post. It’s the idea of ‘bubbles.’ A bubble is your little corner of the world. The environment in your immediate control. Your home. The inside of your car or truck. Who you see. As well as, who you interact with. Those you are willing to allow within the safe space you have created.

It recognizes that yours is not the only bubble out there. That there are other folks you know who approach this COVID-19 pandemic with the same care and consideration you do. In other words, folks whose bubble is almost identical to yours and that with the moderation of consideration and effort, those bubbles can be coupled into a kind of ‘double bubble.’ Or, even, a ‘triple bubble.’

It makes perfect sense. Ultimately, the most reasonable solution to the very real problems of separation and isolation created by the coronavirus. It’s something we’ve started practicing with our own kids and with a very select group of our friends. Friends who are as neurotic about their bubble as we have become.

Hopefully, this idea of multiple bubbles will make as much sense to you as it has to us. Just remember, everyone’s commitment to the integrity of the bubble is critical!

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