Counting Counts

Mitch Schneider
September 6, 2019

I think all of us have a tendency count things. All kinds of things, like steps and calories. Like checkbook balances and ‘toys.’ It’s natural, at least to some degree. Human nature,

I count all kinds of seemingly unrelated and possibly meaningless things. I count the number of video blogs I’ve done since entering treatment. I count the number of days, post-transplant. And, the number of days until I’m allowed to reach out to my donor in the hope he’ll allow me to pass a proper Thank You! his way.

The question is: Are we counting the ‘right’ things? Those things that in the course of a life well-lived, really matter. Are we counting our blessings? The number of people we can call at three o’clock in the morning — the people who will be there without asking what or why?

Are we counting the number of sunrises or sunsets? The number of times we smile, or that someone smiles at us.

It’s not just a ‘we’ question, you know. It’s really a ‘you’ question!

What counts in your life and what are you counting?

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