Creation – Interpretation – Direction

Mitch Schneider
January 25, 2020

We are deep into recording the audio version of Misfire: What to Do When Things Aren’t Running on All Cylinders. More than a third of the book has been captured and my voice actor is taking a few days off. That’s given me time to reflect on a process that bridges the gaps that exist between creation, interpretation, and direction. While recognizing the parallels that exist in leadership, management, execution, and implementation.

As the author, I hear each character’s voice clearly and recognize their contribution to the story I was trying to tell. Each has a depth and purpose that goes beyond words on a page.

Fast forward to a voice actor moving through each chapter trying to interpret what you’ve done. Trying to capture the heart of each character and their contribution to the journey you hoped to share.

Clarification and Direction

I get to listen as these characters come to life, providing clarification when necessary. Direction, when asked. How is this word pronounced? What does it mean? What is this character’s background? Where is he or she from? How old are they? How do they fit into the story and what is their motivation?

There are multiple ‘takes’ throughout the process. Different interpretations of a word, a sentence, sometimes an entire paragraph.

Once completed, the recordings will find their way to an audio engineer whose job it is to choose the right ‘takes:’ the interpretations that work, discarding the rest. Then, seamlessly blending it all together.

A book, particularly one like Misfire, is a drama and as such demands a dramatic reading. That dramatic reading requires collaboration and cooperation. A group of individuals bringing their individuals skills and abilities together to tell a story. Your story. My story. All with a singular purpose. Your enjoyment.

I wanted you to know that we’re working hard to get it right!

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