Culture Matters: an Introduction to the mSw blog and video

Mitch Schneider
February 15, 2021

I probably worked as hard to avoid posting the Culture Matters… video and blog that appears on my mSwMitchSchneidersWorld site as I worked to create it. That’s because I am as much a practitioner of procrastination as I am its victim. That’s probably why it’s taken a week to push it into the light of day.

I wrote it after a discussion with a dear friend and industry colleague. Oddly enough, the conversation was not focused on culture. Initially, we were talking about the risks, dangers, and potential rewards of buying (Or, selling…) an existing business. In this case, an automotive service business.

This notion of culture has always fascinated me. Especially, when it comes to its existence and development. It’s influence and impact on direction and ultimately success.

I’ve watched and listened as countless small business owners have either purchased an existing business or have sold the business they’ve worked tirelessly to build. And, I’ve witnessed that evolution transpire when ownership was transferred to someone within the company, a family member, or a complete stranger—someone outside the business.

I’ve watched the struggle that follows a transition of management or leadership as a dominant culture emerges. And it is the battle for the soul of the enterprise that interests me so.

I recognize there are libraries literally filled with volumes on this subject. But if you navigate over to MitchSchneidersWorld site and the Culture Matters blog and video, this is my abbreviated response to the importance of culture and why it matters.


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