Eyeballs-Elbows-Eyes-And, Ears

Mitch Schneider
August 1, 2020

Guilt is defined as a feeling of having done wrong or a sense of having failed in an obligation. You can interpret that as something you may have done wrong in the past. Or, an obligation you are fearful you will not be able to meet in the future.

The past is passed. Essentially, there is no longer anything you can do about whatever it was that happened in the present. The future has not yet been written. There is no reason to find yourself paralyzed by a failure that has not yet occurred. Especially, when you can fix whatever it is that needs to be fixed before it ever breaks!

I am dealing with a fair amount of guilt as I write this. I haven’t been able to post in days! Not because I haven’t tried. But because I’ve done everything I had to do. Each specific task at the expense of something I really wanted to do.

An appointment with an eye surgeon at UCLA. A visit with my orthopedist for an x-ray and follow-up on my elbow. Conference calls and Zoom meetings with colleagues and associates. A Story Skills Workshop I’m working my way through, and much more.

All important. Some, even essential.

The good news is, I know what’s going on and was finally able to press the Reset button. I’ve finally caught up!

Pressing the Reset Button

I’m not going to focus on the past. There’s nothing I can do about it any longer. I’m not going to stress over a future that has not yet revealed itself. I’ll just meet or exceed all future obligations. 

In the meantime, here is a Want to that found its way into my giant pile of Have to’s!

It is an unscripted, unrehearsed, video blog and podcast of just under an hour spent with a good friend, Carm Capriotto, of Remarkable Results Radio.

You can find the URL for show page here: https://remarkableresults.biz/e558

And, the YouTube Vidcast here:  https://youtu.be/hpVepQSUSJg

Hope you enjoy

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