Fear Itself…

Mitch Schneider
March 31, 2020

Today’s writing break was joining a friend on a walk to a local nutrition store. These walks have become therapeutic with topics that range from how our kids and grandkids are doing, to world events.

It was clear the column I was working on would replace the one I had originally planned to submit after our walk.

It’s easy to talk about the current pandemic in terms of virtually everyone on the planet. It’s just as easy to reflect on the disruption and displacement its impact will wreak upon the economy. And, that’s what we talked about as we walked the two-and-a-half miles to the store. But that all changed when we arrived there.

Fear Itself…

The young man who owns and operates the franchise is bright, articulate, and eager to succeed. He’s ambitious and resourceful. Unfortunately, he was unable to foresee the Covid-19 crisis or the debris stream it will almost certainly leave behind.

His needs are immediate. His challenges unrelenting. The store’s volume has plummeted while his rent, franchise royalties, and loan payments are all coming due.

We watch the news as it is aggregated for us into blocks of numbers that are hard for us to fathom. We do that without realizing those blocks of numbers are made up of the individual experiences of our neighbors and friends. It’s hard to watch without at least trying to make things better somehow.

I tried to do that by sharing the content of the column I was headed home to finish. The one thing I believe every small business owner must do in order to survive and ultimately succeed. That, and something from Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s first inaugural address. The suggestion that the only thing we have to fear from all the chaos surrounding us is that very fear itself.

Don’t allow yourself to fall prey to that fear.

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