Fill in the Blank…

Mitch Schneider
April 30, 2021

I just got up off the floor after doing ten pushups, part of a thirty-day ten-pushup-a-day challenge. That may not sound like a big deal. But to someone who’s been through what I’ve been through over the past couple of years, it is! Especially, after completing a sixty-minute Power Zone Endurance stationary bike ride, a ten-minute cool-down, and a five-minute stretch class.

Compulsive? Obsessive? Driven?

No! It’s all part of my If Someone Else Can (do it) philosophy and perhaps an even bigger part of my If Someone Else Can (do it)… Why Can’t I? recovery plan.

This philosophy predates my diagnosis and stem cell/bone marrow transplant and was the result of a revelation. A revelation that suggested that if someone else did it—it being just about anything—it could no longer be considered impossible! Hence, the notion that If Someone Else Can (do it) there’s no reason you or I can’t. And if for some reason there really is a reason you can’t achieve that goal or objective, there is no reason you can’t get closer than if you hadn’t tried.

Whatever doubts I may have had about If Someone Else Can (do it) as a philosophy evaporated in the blazing afternoon heat of our son’s first IronMan competition in Tempe, Arizona, more than a decade ago. That’s where the notion that the only real doubt is self-doubt was validated. Where I watched our son transcend any of the mental or physical limitations he may have brought with him to race-day.

The Power of Must…

It’s where I discovered the power of must. I must. The power of want, need, and have to!

Too old to compete in an IronMan? I watched an 80-year-old Nun finish her ninth in Tempe! Too hard to swim two-and-a-half miles, bike 114, and then complete a full marathon? We watched an Army Sargent who lost a leg in combat do just that with a more than respectable finishing time! Another amputee finished the marathon on blades.

If you want it bad enough and you’re willing to do the work, nothing is impossible. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and figure out what it is you want to do and what it’s going to take to get it done.

If you want success you have to do what successful people do. You have to make the sacrifices they are willing to make and take the risks they are willing to take.

It doesn’t have to be an IronMan. It can be losing five pounds. Increasing Net Operating Profit by five percent or running a 5K. It could even be ten pushups every day for a month!

After all, if someone else has done it, why can’t you?


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