FOMO: Fear of Missing Out

Mitch Schneider
October 13, 2019


At first, I couldn’t figure it out. The fact that those four letters were appearing everywhere, including my texts, tweets, and social media feeds, didn’t help.

Finally, I found myself frustrated enough to go online and Google it!

“What does FOMO mean?”

“Fear of Missing Out: anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.”

The response may as well have started out with a, “DUH!” Or, maybe, a, “Really?”

The problem was, I still didn’t get it! I couldn’t understand what that’s all about. I still can’t! And, if there is anyone on the planet who should be able to, that person is me. My life has been so constrained — so limited, for more than a year now — because of my disease and subsequent transplant, I could write a book on things I’ve missed out on. Things like birthday celebrations, holiday gatherings, the theater and getting away, just to name a few.

That may be because I’ve made peace with what I can’t do and where I can’t go by embracing and appreciating those things I can. That is made easier through the absence of choice, but I’m not altogether sure that’s a bad thing.

None of us can be everywhere. Just as none of us can do everything. So, why not just make yourself a list of those things you are able to do and give yourself to them entirely. Completely. Without looking back. Without remorse. Without regret. Without the fear of missing out.

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