Hall Passes & Detention…

Mitch Schneider
March 10, 2020

I’ve spent the better part of the past two days dealing with the realities of a life reduced to virtual interaction. A life of Zoom meetings. Skype chats. Telephone calls. Emails. And, texts.

Yesterday, I recorded what should have been a live breakout session for a conference scheduled at the end of March after having been told I can’t attend. That, I shouldn’t attend. Covid-19, the coronavirus, has made my participation impossible. Having no immune system, that’s a chance I’m unwilling to take.

This morning, I took part in a conference call that was scheduled after it was decided a physical meeting wasn’t worth the risk!

It’s maddening! No one wants their freedom abridged regardless of the reason. And, yet, here we are. Here I am! Confined to the house, serving a self-imposed sentence of solitary confinement and self-quarantine.

If I had to explain what it’s like, I’d have to reach back to High School for the right analogy. To stare out the window. Trapped in detention. Longing for the freedom to exit the room. Confined. Restricted. Hoping for a Hall Pass and the opportunity to leave if only for a few minutes. If only for a momentary taste of freedom.

It isn’t that I don’t get it. I do! I understand the danger and the nature of the risk, probably better than most. But accepting and understanding what we’re up against doesn’t seem to make the loss of freedom more acceptable. Nor, does it make things any more palatable.

What it does do is help you realize just how precious your personal freedom and mobility is. How important it can be and how much it will be missed when taken from you regardless of the reason.

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