History, Anticipation & Preparation

Mitch Schneider
March 12, 2020

It’s hard to look at what is happening around the world without considering the importance of anticipation and preparation. Especially, with regard to the current Covid-19 coronavirus crisis currently confronting us. It should be equally as difficult to ignore the lessons history has to offer us.

And, yet we’ve proven that we are more than capable of ignoring history’s lessons, which makes no sense considering the danger. Considering the risk.

We can anticipate what is coming with at least some degree of confidence. We’ve seen the virus spread through enough countries: enough regions. There is adequate history for us to accurately assess alternative realities and prepare accordingly. Certainly, enough for us to take the guidance and directives of our public health professionals seriously.

The question is: Will we?

Will we learn from the lessons of the past? Are we capable of anticipating the uncomfortable realities of a future challenged by social distancing and cultural disruption? Will we prepare adequately? Appropriately? And, what should that preparation look like?

Is it about hunkering down? Not going out? Staying at home?

Is it about stockpiling? Does anyone really need a two-month supply of bottled water? Why would you if your tap water is clean and flowing?

Is it about having a lifetime supply of paper towels and toilet paper on hand? Hand sanitizer and soap? Is that reasonable? Adequate?

The way we’ve responded to similar challenges in the past may still be the single best indicator of how we are likely to survive and succeed in the future. Let’s embrace those historical lessons and prepare accordingly, anticipating what is likely to come next.

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