Hollywood Here I Come…

Mitch Schneider
November 24, 2019

I began today’s talking about what an incredibly beautiful day it was here in L.A. in the video accompanying this post.

It was certainly something the Chamber of Commerce would be proud to show the world.

For us it started with an almost traffic-less drive into the City, followed by an incredible Vegan brunch. In all honesty, I thought the two were mutually exclusive, but I was wrong!

That was followed by the harrowing drive across West Los Angeles into Hollywood.

Some people refer to Hollywood as “Holly-weird,” and to a large degree, they’re right. It is! But, it’s exciting, interesting, exhilarating, terrifying, scary, and filled with sights, sounds, and odors that overwhelm the senses.

So, why submit yourself to that? That’s where today’s matinee of “Summer” — the musical about the life and music of Donna Summer — was playing at the Hollywood Pantages Theater.

The Semi-Private You


The music was wonderful. All songs you bounce around to in the car when they hit the radio. But, the back story — the “B-story” as it’s known in Hollywood — was fascinating. It documented the second level of who we are that is rarely acknowledged and never discussed. The part that lives between the public you and the intimate private you. I guess you can call it the semi-private you.

The one only those who are closest to you ever get to see. The one few ever get to experience.

That’s what got me thinking about my semi-private self: a semi-private self that isn’t near as private as it once was after sharing my story with all of you for the past eight months. And, it’s what got me thinking about yours.

I believe our lives expand when we find people we are willing to share that level of intimacy with. It is enriched, just as their lives are enriched when they allow you to engage with them at that level.

It’s interesting when you think about it. Isn’t it? I know the public you. You know the private you. Who will you allow to know the you that exists in between?

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