Impossible? Not, Really…

Mitch Schneider
April 24, 2020

For years I’ve stressed that nothing is impossible if someone else has already done it. It makes perfect sense. Or, at least, it did, until the concept was challenged the other day.

The challenge was stated clearly enough. Accomplishing a difficult goal or objective doesn’t mean everyone else can!

The challenger made that clear when he suggested that only 0.1% of all attempts to achieve a seemingly insurmountable goal are successful. There are too many variables. Too many differences in talent, ability, and desire.

His point was, “not everyone can…” And, that made perfect sense. But, only for a moment. That’s how long it took for me to realize that not everyone can because not everyone will. And, not everyone will, because not everyone wants to badly enough!

But that isn’t the point. Is it?

The point isn’t who won’t try. The point is who will try and try with everything they’ve got. All the heart, talent, and ability they can bring to a project or life. It’s giving everything they’ve got to everything they do. It’s recognizing that no matter how far you get, it will be further than you would have gotten had you not tried.

That may seem trite or even a bit cliché. But is it?

I think the answer has to be redefining success in terms of personal accomplishment. In terms of what we can do. What we’re willing to do and have already done.

It must reflect that we are capable of more than we think we are. That, no matter how far, how hard, or how much we are willing to go or give, we’re capable of more. And, when we find a way to make that extra effort, the impossible is no longer impossible.

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