In Case You’re Interested

Mitch Schneider
April 27, 2020

Some days are busy. Some productive. Today was one of those magical days that managed to be both.

I completed my review of the remaining audio files for Misfire: What to Do When Things Aren’t Running on All Cylinders. It was a marathon of listening to your words lift off the page and it was a delight.

It also brings creating the audio version of the book to its final stages.

Once the corrections have been made the files have to be transferred to a different format. The files have to be compiled and I’ll need to apply for another copyright. After we copyright the audio version of Misfire I’ll be able to secure an ISBN — an International Standard Book Number — and a barcode.

Then, it’s all about how we go to market — How we continue to make Misfire available to readers — and, listeners — everywhere.

My day didn’t end there although it certainly could have. I went on from there to work on the first of the books I’ll be revising and repurposing to supplement Misfire. My vision is to create a multi-volume work that will serve as both an Appendix for Misfire as well as a supplemental WorkBook.

If you think writing a book is hard you’re right. It is! But editing a book is even harder. Almost, impossible, in fact! At least, that’s what I thought until I started the process of revising and repurposing the books I’ve already written.

If you want a definition of impossible you need to look no further than that! Impossible, but strangely satisfying.

In the end, I suppose that’s one of the ways you can manage to stay busy during a pandemic. And, staying busy during a pandemic isn’t such a bad thing. At least, not for me!


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