It Doesn’t Take Much…

Mitch Schneider
June 7, 2021

It’s easy to talk about success after you’ve climbed Maslow’s Ladder. Once you’ve satisfied physiological needs like hunger and comfort. The feeling of security makes it easier yet. And feeling good about yourself—feeling like you belong—doesn’t hurt.

It’s only after these most basic of human needs are met that self-actualization becomes a reality and you are ready to accomplish whatever it is you choose. Until you know what you want and can marshal the resources necessary to make that happen. Once you can put it all together it really doesn’t take much to achieve success. To accomplish whatever goals and objectives you set for yourself.

Providing, you know what those goals and objectives are, of course.

That shouldn’t imply that accomplishing those goals and objectives is easy. It’s not. It takes discipline and determination. Dedication and drive. More than anything, it takes the ability to avoid distraction. An ability to remain focused through the struggle.

Achieving success is elusive. If it wasn’t, everyone would be successful providing they were able to define what that success means to them.

In all honesty, I’m no expert on any of this. Or maybe I am.

Having survived this long allows me the luxury of perspective. The ability to see things more clearly and recognize that it really doesn’t take much once you know what you want or need. Once you stop chasing elusive and unrealistic goals and objectives. Someone else’s definition of success.

That isn’t as easy as it may sound. The ability to reject what is in pursuit of what could be requires discipline. The struggle to form a vision of the future you want, need, and deserve is work. Hard work. But once you get there…

Well, once you are there it really doesn’t take much!


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