Just a Few Things…

Mitch Schneider
November 22, 2019

I’m stuck…

I am concentrating on a presentation I’ve been asked to make later on this evening on Cancer awareness and haven’t been able to think of much else. That’s when I realized I can use what I’m working on for today’s message. After all, it’s the reason this blog exists in the first place.

The message is broken into just a few sections. The first is the powerful impact the diagnosis of a catastrophic illness has and will continue to have on your life. What that journey looks like from the inside out moving from discovery to diagnosis. From diagnosis, through treatment and recovery.

A cancer diagnosis changes everything. Especially, the way you react to the world: friends, family, and community alike. But it can also result in a level of clarity few who have not been through that crucible will ever understand. It can help discern what’s essential from what’s important: what is important, from what is merely adequate.

Having someone to help navigate this experience in the way of a patient advocate is critical. Someone you trust and respect. Someone you will listen to. Another pair of eyes and ears to ensure you don’t miss anything.

The rest of my presentation has to do with the advances that have been made in cancer research and treatment recently. Especially, about stem cell/bone marrow transplantation as a curative option and the critical need for blood, platelet, and stem cell donation.

It has to do with trust, optimism and more than a little hope.

I think the video does a great job of summing it all up into a message of optimism and hope.

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