Mitch Schneider
September 7, 2019

I woke up this morning from a deep sleep. The only thing I could remember was a dream about ladders.

Realistically, I have no idea what dreaming about ladders means. Although, I’m sure there’s something about it on the web.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t stop thinking about ladders!

The first thing I thought of was a motivational speaker whose presentation I attended thirty-plus years years ago, insisting that each of us had a responsibility to ensure our ‘Ladder of Success’ was tilted up against the right building.

The second was my father reminding me to treat everyone you meet with respect and courtesy while you’re climbing that ladder. Especially, the folks you meet on the way up that ladder because you just might meet them on the flip side.

The third ladder was the story of Jacob’s Ladder, reminding me that what’s really important is to keep moving up! Not to stand still. Not to slide down.

The fourth was Maslow’s Ladder, and his Hierarchy of Human Needs, and the need to achieve self-actualization.

Ladders… Four examples… Four references… Lots to think about!

Till tomorrow, stay well and take care…


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