Little Boxes…

Mitch Schneider
May 20, 2021

I don’t know when I found myself living in a world of little boxes. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t long after I decided that good enough would no longer be good enough. When it occurred to me that average was no longer adequate. That’s when I realized that placing a little box alongside a strategic activity and then checking it off when completed works.

I just got to check off one of those little boxes after an unusually busy and frustrating week. After stressing over the completion of a presentation that ‘deadline-ed’ this past Saturday afternoon with my first presentation in a very long time.

I know deadline is technically a noun. But after a lifetime of facing multiple deadlines, I’m just as certain that the act of working toward a deadline is a verb!

This deadline was different, however. Perhaps, because it was the first invitation I’ve accepted and the first presentation I’ve delivered in at least two years. Maybe, longer.

Sharing information is an integral part of my personal Mission Statement. My purpose and reason for being. But crafting that message and delivering it virtually turned out to be anything but easy.

I stress over every element of every presentation. Its relevance and the order in which each element will appear. Whether or not it contributes to the action you hope will result.

You learn to judge success based upon feedback and the body language of the people in the room. That’s virtually impossible to do virtually.

Saturday has come and gone. The presentation completed. All that remains now is to measure whether or not it did what it was designed to do. Whether or not I get to check off another box.


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