Loose Ends and Procrastination…

Mitch Schneider
March 11, 2020

The constant onslaught of information swirling around Covid-19 has forced me to think about loose ends and procrastination a lot more than I’m comfortable with. The result has been a combination of relief and anxiety and an almost overwhelming sense of unfinished business.

I’ve gotten better at curbing my natural tendency to procrastinate by understanding its underlying causes. By recognizing that either the decision to proceed requires more information than is available. Or, that I probably shouldn’t be doing whatever it is I haven’t made the commitment to complete yet in the first place.

This aversion to loose ends and my understanding of procrastination is a fairly recent phenomenon. I’m embarrassed to admit there was a time not all that long ago that neither was a cause for great concern.

All that changed when I realized what the inability to commit and the need for order play in all of our lives. For me, their relationship appears to manifest itself in inverse proportion. The less I procrastinate, the greater my commitment to clean up all the loose ends I can.

I’m sure this is a commitment to neatness and order Lesley wishes I’d made a long, long time ago!

Regardless, I’ve made it now and its benefits are clear. Fewer distractions. Reduced anxiety. More precise focus. Increased productivity. More positive outcomes. And, better results.

It’s hard to believe that all or most of this comes simply from finishing everything that needs to be completed. Or, from getting started when you find yourself stalled, insecure, and unsure. But it does.

The key? Listen to what your behavior is trying to tell you. Listen. Then, act!



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