Mentorship – Adoption – Coaching

Mitch Schneider
February 5, 2020

Mentorship-Adoption-Coaching: MAC. Another acronym. As if we need one!

But, what if we do! After all, acronyms help us group concepts together. Concepts that are often similar and yet, still slightly different. They help us process many of the important elements in our lives like the three mentioned above. All of which have something to do with relationships, both personal and professional.

I’ve experienced mentorship first hand. I’ve served as a mentor and have been guided by individuals who have modeled the kind of personal and professional behavior I have aspired to. As a result, I know that the easiest way to achieve the success you’re looking for is to follow the lead of someone who has been there and left a trail for you to follow. Someone leaning toward you with an outstretched hand.

I know a little bit about coaching as well. I’ve watched our son, Ryan, coach elite athletes and witnessed the concern, care, and consideration that he builds into a plan crafted to ensure maximum performance and personal growth. I’ve been coached and recognize the difference ‘gentle correction’ can make when it comes to reaching your goals and objectives.

Adoption is different and yet similar enough to earn a place in a discussion like this. It is, perhaps, the most direct kind of personal involvement when it comes to a relationship with another individual or business owner. In many ways, it implies something more direct and intimate — more hands-on — than either mentorship or coaching.

To be successful, all three require a strong personal commitment from everyone involved: those being coached, mentored, and adopted. And, those individuals who have accepted the responsibility to lead, guide, and counsel. And, when successful, all three ensure the highest level of personal and professional rewards. The greatest possible return on investment.



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