Modern Life Cubed…

Mitch Schneider
April 19, 2020

I should probably take a moment to define what Modern Life is all about before talking about amplifying it by a factor of three. Modern Life is all the craziness you and I face every day. All the madness and frustration we have to deal with that makes no sense and yet has become commonplace. Acceptable.

Last night it was our adjustable bed deciding it was no longer interested in responding to our commands. Under normal conditions, this would not have been an issue. However, with the head adjusted so it was almost verticle and the foot of the bed raised significantly getting to sleep was going to be a problem. After drowning in a series of Modern Life moments for almost an hour trying everything I could think of to return the bed to a normal prone position, I gave up and tried to get some sleep.

“Tried” was the operative expression here, because try is all I could do. Especially, while dealing with the anger and frustration of the moment.

I started working on the problem again as soon as the sun finally rose. New day… Fresh start!

I read the owner’s pamphlet and went through all the steps provided by the company’s support page online. I searched for every YouTube video that might provide a solution. And, finally took advantage of the company’s Live Chat option. None of which helped.

Finally, I disconnected every electronic component associated with getting the bed to move and put it all back together again as if it had just been delivered. In essence, a complete reboot and return to factory settings. It worked and all it took was four hours of focused effort and one sleepless night…

A perfect example of Modern Life on steroids. Modern Life Cubed!

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