Mitch Schneider
February 25, 2020

I’m embarrassed.

When it comes to sports, I’m not a huge fan. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy watching or attending. I love attending live sporting events. The excitement of being there. The electricity in the air and the raw beauty of sport performed at that level.

Unlike our son, however, can’t quote earned run averages, free-throw percentages, shots on goal, or the percentage of completions that separates a good quarterback from the great ones.

I am one of ‘those guys’ who recognizes and celebrates the hard work, grit, and commitment it takes to rise and remain at that level. I celebrate that determination: a determination that is aspirational, inspirational, and motivational. Those things that cause you to be more than you are: more than you ever thought you could be.

If there is a single example of someone who embodied those traits it had to be Kobe Bryant. He was at the gym before everyone got there, stayed long after everyone left, and outworked every one of his competitors. He demanded nothing less than he was capable of and since he had no idea what that looked or felt like, he just kept working. So, he just kept grinding it out and that work ethic spilled over into everything he attempted.

I’m No Kobe Bryan

I’m no Kobe Bryant. But I understand wanting to be the best you can be — the best you are capable of. I know what it’s like when that doesn’t come easy. When accomplishment is not instant, and success is all about doing the work.

Most people find that kind of commitment so exhausting they limit it to one outlet if they attempt it at all. Kobe Bryant carried with him and applied it to everything he did. He was the best because he would accept nothing less from himself.

That kind of singularity of purpose can be abrasive. Striving to be the best can be accompanied by a fairly high price-tag. Especially, when those around you strive to be just average.

Kobe was the whole package. Aspirational. Inspirational. Motivational.

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