Not the Metrics You’re Probably Thinking Of…

Mitch Schneider
May 28, 2021

Life Metrics, the post, and concept referenced here and appears in metrics is a little different than many of the posts that have appeared on that site. In many ways, it’s more consistent with what I normally post here than it is with a lot of the industry-focused posts that appear there.

What that means is rather than focus on all the critical management metrics that surround commercial success, this post has more to do with what I’ve been calling Life Metrics. The important metrics needed to be developed and understood if we are to have any hope of living lives that are meaningful and rewarding.

Metrics like time spent with friends. Time spent with kids or any of the other significant others in our lives. The need to set aside time for personal development. Meditation. Mindfulness. As well as dedicating time for physical exercise. For taking care of yourself. All of these, and more, are important to living a full and successful life.

I’m asking for your help in identifying a compendium of Life Metrics. What they are—and/or—should be. As well as the appropriate amount we should put aside for each. If we get anything that makes sense, I’ll share it here. So, send your ideas and suggestions to me, at or

At the very least, think about all the things you could be doing—should be doing—if only you had the time. The fact of the matter is, you will never have the time unless you take that time or make it!

Unless you get started right now!


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