Occupandi Temporis

Mitch Schneider
October 20, 2019

Carpe Diem: seize the day! That’s what people will tell you. But, is seizing the day enough?

If you believe a day is nothing more or less than a continuum of moments, it isn’t. It can’t be. What we need to do — must do — is more aligned with another Latin expression: Occupandi Temporis, loosely translated as occupy the moment.

For me, that realization was the beginning of a slow-rolling epiphany that goes to the very heart of profound positive change and personal development.

It starts with the phrase, “Luck is where Opportunity Meets Preparation.”

It would be hard to argue with that simple truth. Winston Churchill recognized it when he suggested that at some point in every individual’s life there would come a time where they would be asked to do the extraordinary — And, how tragic it would be if when that moment came, they were unprepared.

So, preparation is a given. But, what about this concept of Opportunity? What happens if when that moment comes, we fail to recognize it for what it is? What happens if we can’t see it: won’t see it.

In order to recognize the moment, you have to be in the moment. Your focus can’t be on the moments that have already been. Or, on the moments that are yet to be. But, there’s more. Being in the moment isn’t enough unless you are able to overcome the fear of an unknown future. Unless you are able to overcome the paralysis that accompanies being forced to choose one path over several others when the future each of them holds remains unknown.

So, be in the moment. Recognize the opportunities that are all around us all the time and occupy the moment: Occupandi Temporis. Carpe Momentus!

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