On Making Better Decisions…

Mitch Schneider
January 17, 2020

I believe there is a technology for everything. A process that brings you closer to whatever it is you strive to accomplish. Making better decisions is no exception.

In this case, the technology is a process. A set of steps that will ensure you’ve done everything you can to ensure the decisions you make will bring you closer to achieving your goals and objectives.

The first step would be to revisit your Why. To reconnect with the reason you do whatever it is you’re doing to see how or even if your decision is consistent with your purpose.

Second, gather as much information as you can about everything and anything surrounding the conditions impacting that decision.

Identify all the options you can, both pro and con. And, spend time considering the consequences of each potential path recognizing that some of those consequences will remain unforeseen until they sneak up and bite you the butt!

Conduct a premortem. Perform an extensive examination of all the reasons your decision might fail. Then, assess all the actions you could take to avoid failure. Ask yourself what the worst possible result of that decision might be.

Placing yourself in the future — even a dark future — could save you countless hours of grief and aggravation moving forward.

Finally, make the decision and don’t look back. If you’ve done the work you’ve made the best possible decision based upon the information available and should be good enough!

Set aside your ego. Don’t allow your fear of potential consequences to cripple you. Be aware of your emotional investment and the danger of confirmation bias. If you do, you’re bound to make better decisions and better decisions are almost certain to reap better results.

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