On the Importance of Rediscovering Your Why

Mitch Schneider
September 28, 2019

I was privileged to experience perhaps the most skillful interview I’ve ever been involved in on an empty stomach just before noon yesterday.

I’ve never felt that comfortable having anyone ask me questions about every aspect of my life before. It was more like having coffee with an old friend than it was a search to determine why I was volunteering for a seat on the City of Hope’s Patient and Family Advisory Council. However, that was exactly what the interview was all about… My “Why.”

I’ve was thinking about that “Why” all the way home from Duarte yesterday and all day today. Thinking about that, and about the “How” and “What” I might have to contribute.

I first started focusing on the importance of “Why” after watching Simon Sinek’s TED Talk — The Golden Circle, more years ago than I care to remember. And, while Sinek’s talk was almost exclusively about the importance of having a powerful “Why” in business, it did touch on the importance of having a strong “Why” in life as well.

I was struggling with topics for today’s blog post, trying to find something interesting and perhaps even a little provocative talk about. Especially, since I missed yesterday’s post. I was completely caught up in what I would do and how I was going to do it.

Absent from that process was any thought of my “Why,” when in reality having a powerful “Why” will almost always dictate the “How” and the “What.”

“Why” was the reason for my writing Misfire. It was my reason for joining the Patient and Family Advisory Council. My reason for doing almost anything, because I know if I’m true to that “Why,” the “How” and “What” of what I need to do will just naturally follow.

My “Why” is to “enrich and improve the lives of others by sharing my knowledge and experience through my writing, speaking and personal engagement.”

I’d love to hear yours…




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