Past, Present, Future… Perfect!

Mitch Schneider
December 9, 2020

Despite what you may be thinking these aren’t parts of speech. Well, they are! But, they aren’t. At least, not here!

They are—instead—a reflection of the various states of our lives. Where we are. Where we’ve been. Where we have yet to go. Each perfect in its own way so long as we refuse to become trapped. Paralyzed. Stuck!

The past is passed. But that doesn’t mean we can’t return there. Especially, if that past was colorful enough to warrant the trip. After all, who we were has a great deal to do with who we are. And who we are will all but determine who we have yet to become. I guess this is where Socrates and the idea of whether or not an unexamined life is really worth living.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time examining my past and present. Coming to terms with the opportunities I’ve had and the choices I’ve made. In all honesty, they weren’t always the best choices. But based upon the information available, they were the best choices I was capable of making at the time.

Recognizing that the past is what has brought all of us to this moment and is likely to carry us all into the future, it’s probably worth taking a moment to evaluate our options before we pull the trigger and make a commitment!

Will the decisions you make today cause you to stop and wonder what the hell you were thinking about tomorrow? Or will you find peace knowing that regardless of where you were and what you were doing—every path—every road—every choice—was perfect in its place.

Perfect in the past. Perfect for the present. And, certainly, perfect moving forward into an unknowable future.


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