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Mitch Schneider
July 30, 2021

The reality of having two sites— and—has been both interesting and challenging from the start.

What message goes where? Which story needs to be told and which would be the most appropriate venue. Where will you find the right audience?

The site was originally dedicated to my transplant journey and the ensuing observations that accompanied that journey. The site preceded the misfire site and was more focused on business, leadership, and management.

If you really think about it, both have to do with communication—the topic of this video and blogpost. The importance of storytelling and the need for structure. Particularly, when it comes to the need to communicate clearly and concisely in business.

In thinking about how to communicate this clearly and concisely I realized that I failed to include something that undoubtedly needs more attention than it’s been given. It has to do with responsibility. Whether or not—as business owners—it is our responsibility to promote ESL education for our team members? Whether or not we need to familiarize ourselves with the language and customs of those who work with us as well as those we may find ourselves working for?

That, and to what extent this is a shared responsibility. Responsibility for those who have come here to learn and absorb the culture that surrounds them? Or our responsibility to learn how to communicate clearly and concisely within the context of our businesses?

You will find this blog and video here, on the site


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