Mitch Schneider
November 13, 2020

It’s easy to get lost. Especially, when you continue to pile things on your plate even after they start to run over the edges.

Priorities shift. Like sand in the desert bending to the will of the wind, moving from one dune to another, they refuse to remain stagnant or stationary. So, it is in life it would seem…

How do you respond? How do you focus on what is essential—on those things that are both urgent and important? The answer is the focus. Not the kind reserved for the task itself. But a focus on the beneficiary of all that energy, sacrifice, and effort. Focus on who gets to benefit and how.

Are you that beneficiary? Are there times you feel like all that activity is selfish? Meant to benefit only you? Your wants, needs, and expectations? Can, or should, that really be considered selfish if the end result ultimately benefits others?

Or is it directed outward, meant to benefit a client, potential client, family member, or friend?

The real question is who will benefit, how, and why? That, and where you will focus your attention? Your energy? Your efforts and what is important to you?

Perhaps, more important, on who is important to you?

If you can answer these questions you have a shot at some kind of clarity and that clarity should provide the path you seek for any action moving forward. Even if you fail to answer all of the questions or are reluctant to try, the questions you answer will move you further along than if you allow yourself to become paralyzed by a lack of direction.

Things change. Priorities shift, and as a result, so must you. That is if you hope to accomplish anything of consequence.


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  1. Bruce M Tartaglione
    November 13, 2020

    “Things change, priorities shift, and as a result, so must you!”
    I can not think of truer words to pass on to my children and young associates as they navigate their lives and careers!
    Thank you Mitch!

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