Problems, Pain, and More Than Providence…

Mitch Schneider
April 9, 2020

I’ve decided to repurpose the eight-volume set of leadership and management books I wrote with the relationship that exists between client and service provider. As a number of you pointed out, it’s where everything related to business begins and ends.

However, I’ve decided to change the title from Total Customer Relationship Management to Pain, Problems, and More than Providence...

I’ve chosen this working title for a number of reasons. The very nature of commerce is the solution to a problem or the elimination of pain. That is what business is all about, after all.

The notion that God, nature, or luck — providence — will provide the success every business owner is looking for is erroneous. That’s why I’ve indicated it will take more than providence to achieve a vision no matter how clear or compelling.

It will take more than a genuine concern to look beyond the obvious when it comes to a customer’s pain and problems as well. It will take research and advanced listening skills. Skills that allow you to hear what a customer is trying so hard to communicate. And, it will take policies and procedures designed to help replicate the consistent delivery of high-quality service.

The premise is simple. If you believe that service is a helpful or beneficial act performed by an organization or individual for the benefit of another, you realize that service is a verb. That something has to happen in order for it to be considered a service. And, that whatever the nature of that service, it will almost certainly be something the client is unwilling or unable to accomplish on their own.

If this makes sense to you, you already know more about service and service delivery than most business owners. You also understand why this is where I’ve decided to start.



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