Prudence & Paralysis…

Mitch Schneider
March 5, 2020

Today was a City of Hope day. They are nothing if not interesting. Interesting, and in many ways physically and emotionally exhausting.

Trips to the Mother Ship are challenging. There is nothing easy about driving across Los Angeles. Not when traffic, an accident or two, or the level of concentration it takes is enough to knock you out. Add the emotional content of recovery and the rest should be self-explanatory.

The danger Covid-19 presents to me is real and the reason I spent today’s drive fixated on prudence and paralysis. Approaching a pending pandemic cautiously is critical. However, the danger of allowing it to paralyze you may be more dangerous than contagion.

I’m not suggesting that anyone abandon the level of prudence necessary to survive the threat we face. That would be foolish! What I am suggesting is that we can’t allow it to stop us from living our lives as normally as is possible. The risk is having those lives slip away.

I’m over seventy, immunocompromised, and just recovered from bilateral pulmonary emboli and pneumonia! I get to check off every criterion for being at the highest level of risk. And, that gives me a unique perspective when it comes to addressing this topic.

I understand the risk. The danger is real. Nevertheless, I am committed to more than just survival.

That is a commitment I made when I was diagnosed with Primary Myelofibrosis, long before Covid-19. And, it is a commitment I intend to keep.


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