Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

Mitch Schneider
September 8, 2019

So, here’s the question of the day. Maybe, the question of a lifetime…

If someone were to share with you a very detailed description of a future that you found to be something less than possible and it came to pass: virtually all every element of her vision for your future, would it be prophesy or a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Did it all happen because your subconscious went into overdrive to ultimately make it happen or did the Universe and all the Fates conspire to make it all happen?

Sounds like a great hypothetical exercise, doesn’t it? Perhaps… But what if it wasn’t hypothetical at all? What if it all came to pass and within a relatively short period of time?

Well, at least in my case, it did, and I still haven’t figured out what really transpired to make it happen. Listen and perhaps you can tell me.

Until you can, stay well and take care.


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