Structure: Part 2

Mitch Schneider
December 29, 2020

I wrote and published The Structure Beneath the Structure as a stand-alone blog post addressing the important role infrastructure plays in all of our lives. As far as I can tell it accomplished that.

Unfortunately, after going back over the piece multiple times I realized there’s more. A lot more. Especially, as it relates to the individual and the important difference between I/Me, and We/Us.

Infrastructure is an exercise in “We/Us.” It is something we do that may ultimately benefit everyone by making us more effective at what we do. However, it may be the antithesis of individual effort. Of, I/Me. After a lifetime in business and an incalculable number of employees, I believe it is.

The problems begin when we get lost and are no longer able to discern what has been done for us.

Credit Where Credit is NOT Due…

When that happens, we erroneously take credit for much of what has transpired believing that we alone are responsible for our own success when nothing could be further from the truth! When the existence of sufficient process, policies, and procedures, is what that kind of success is really all about!

I’ve met countless individuals over the years who believed that they alone were responsible for their own success. People who were shocked to discover that without a robust framework of policies, procedures, and systems, their success would evaporate almost overnight!

Infrastructure works in the background for the benefit of us all. Unlike, I/Me, it does not scream out for accolades or attention. It exists to serve and support and is invisible by design.

The secret is an honest awareness of where our talents and abilities can take us and how that journey is accelerated by infrastructure. It’s important we don’t confuse one with the other.


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