Table of Contents…

Mitch Schneider
May 4, 2020

I finished what turned out to be an exceptional interview earlier this morning and then took a long walk.

It was a beautiful, sunny, Southern California morning and the conditions for an hour of serious introspective thought were just about perfect. It’s hard not to spend a lot of time thinking about what you had to say: what you could have said, after a really good interview. Especially, if the host was on point and the questions were challenging.

The interview was for “Get the Funk Out! hosted by Janeane Bernstein on KUCI radio, 88.9FM. It’s described as Inspirational conversations that inform, inspire, and help you deal with life’s curveballs!

It was an opportunity to talk about Misfire: What to Do When Things Aren’t Running on All Cylinders, my bone marrow cancer diagnosis, and subsequent bone marrow transplant. In preparation for the interview, I revisited Misfire’s Table of Contents to identify a few of the specific things I wanted to talk about. Topics that help identify Misfire’s message and what it is all about.

I was focusing on that when it occurred to me that each of us has written our own Table of Contents. We’ve created an abundance of content as we navigate our way through life responding to external pressures, stresses, and tensions. Recognizing possibilities and seizing opportunities.

We all have a story. A story that moves through time and has its own unique Table of Contents. A Table of Contents each of us gets to create.

What kind of story does your Table of Contents tell? Does it adequately describe where you are, where you’ve been, and what you’ve done? More important, perhaps, are the chapter headings you have yet to write?


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