Talk is Cheap…

Mitch Schneider
August 11, 2021
Talk is cheap… It takes money to buy whiskey! Buying whiskey implies both action and commitment…
Talk is cheap… It takes money to buy whiskey! Buying whiskey implies both action and commitment… That’s especially true when you’re talking about advice.
You see, giving advice is easy. After all, talk really is cheap. There is no real commitment, physical or emotional. At least, not often. You see a situation, occurrence, or event. It impacts you sufficiently to offer commentary. You say what you have to say, and it’s done. You’ve fulfilled your responsibility. Done your job.

The problem is advice—Especially, advice that is unsolicited. That kind of advice moves from the source to the recipient. What happens to it from there is for all intent and purpose, unknown.

There are exceptions, of course. The most obvious would be the advice you offer yourself. Advice that is often as unwanted as the advice offered another. I’m no exception, which is the reason I’ve been absent for the past couple of weeks.

In a long and rambling conversation with myself, the voice that lives inside my head suggested that I take a break. A break from everything except family.

That I take time to focus on my continued recovery, regaining my strength, and quieting my otherwise overactive mind. A chance to hit the Stop button and recalibrate. To follow my own advice, and follow a path of mindfulness, personal growth, and service to others.

The problem is the relationship I have with advice in general regardless of the source.

This time, however, the advice was compelling, and it paid off. I was falling back into a familiar pattern of service to others while disregarding what is truly meaningful and rewarding to me. This time I stopped and listened to the part of me that said, “Talk is cheap! Show me! Take a break. Prioritize! Stop crowding your life with Urgent at the expense of Important.”

I recognized that talk isn’t always cheap. That sometimes it can be rich and rewarding. Especially, when you listen.

  1. Scott Brown
    August 15, 2021

    Sounds good to me, I’ll take your advice and raise you one! 😊

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    • Mitch Schneider
      August 29, 2021

      ;-{)} Guess I have no choice but to call!

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