Thanks, But No Thanks…

Mitch Schneider
October 20, 2019

Lesley and I shared an experience this afternoon that couldn’t have been more dissatisfying.

I say dissatisfying rather than unpleasant because it wasn’t really unpleasant. At least, not in the respect that one of the parties was nasty or even disagreeable. They weren’t. But neither were they engaged or even mildly interested in the interaction that was about to take place.

That was disappointing because our first experience with that company was the antithesis. The staff was interested and engaged, focused on building a lasting lifetime relationship with someone who lived within walking distance of their establishment.

Placing the two experiences side-by-side you had two perfect examples of what to do and what not to do. On one hand, a perfect relationship-based interaction and on the other, one that was just as perfectly transactional in nature.

We were there a second time, because of our experience the first time. Had the experience we shared today been the first, I can almost assure you there would never have been a second!

The tragedy is the failure of most people to recognize the value in establishing a genuine, deep and lasting relationship with another human being. And, that holds true just as much for interpersonal relationships as it does for commercial interactions.

It is a simple matter of whether or not someone is willing to take the first step in establishing a high-touch interaction and whether or not the other party is willing or able to respond.

When it happens, the result is loyal and lifetime relationships both in business and in commerce.

When it doesn’t happen in your personal life, friendships either end or never begin. When it occurs in business, people say “Thanks, but no thanks”. Businesses close and “For Lease” signs appear.

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