The Best Money Advice in Five Sentences or Less

Mitch Schneider
June 17, 2020

This morning’s walk was plagued by the distraction of something that occurred last night. A ‘pitch’ requesting “The best piece of money advice you ever received from your father…” delivered in five sentences or less.

I look at walking as moving meditation. A kind of ambulatory mindfulness. A few moments spent breathing while marveling at the wonder of just being.

When it works it’s hard to describe how restorative it can be. When it doesn’t, it’s equally hard to describe the frustration. Today’s walk wasn’t frustrating. It was impossible.

Pitching media outlets is what you do when you are trying to get information about a project — in this case, Misfire — out into the world. It allows you to contribute to something someone else is doing in the hope you can insert your message into the discussion. The problem here was sharing just one of the many lessons I learned sitting at the feet of my best friend, father, and business partner of more than thirty-eight years in five sentences… Or, less.

The lesson I shared was simple enough. Perhaps, too simple.

“Figure out if what you’re looking at is a Want or a Need. If it is a Need and you have the money, what you really have is a choice regarding where to spend your money and what satisfying that Need will mean to you. If it is a Want, the question is what sacrifice will you have to make in order to satisfy that want? What value, if any, will result from the choices you make?”

If you knew my father you’d know that I’ve taken the liberty of paraphrasing what he had to say about wants and needs. But you would also realize the message was pure. Words to live by delivered in vintage Jerry.

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