The Carousel of Life…

Mitch Schneider
September 9, 2021

Is it just me, or has the Carousel of Life been slowly accelerating?

It seems there is a conspiracy afoot to compromise my every attempt to introduce order into the chaos that is my life. That may seem a bit dramatic for someone who is retired and fully focused on their continuing treatment and recovery. But I’m not sure it is. In fact, I’m certain that what I’m experiencing is virtually universal. Especially, after a couple of weeks of doctor’s visits, medical procedures, and a holiday weekend.

My angst has been compounded by a writing project that has officially gone off the rails.

What started out as a ‘simple’ exploration of change: how it affects every one of us and how we react, has become more difficult — bordering on impossible — every time I open the file. It isn’t just the complexity and richness of the subject matter. It’s the diversions and distractions each element of change seems to produce.

The psychology of change. Its impact when the forces of change are external. And the resistance we experience when we attempt to be the driving force of change in our own lives. Either way, the results are personal. Intimate, in most cases.

The problem?

Change is inescapable. Virtually, unmanageable. Whether riding a galloping pony or sitting in an ornate carriage. We are all ticket holders on the Carousel of Life. In for a penny or a pound, we are born to the carousel. Reaching for the brass ring. Trying to achieve whatever it is we hope to accomplish before it’s time to step off onto the next plane of existence.

At a snail’s pace or accelerating uncomfortably, it’s the ride we’re on and we need to make the best of it. We need to enjoy the moment, the music, and the excitement. Even if it feels like the damned thing is moving dangerously fast!


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