the Hard Work of Maintaining Normal…

Mitch Schneider
February 4, 2020

Once there has been an assault on your body — Once your normal has been compromised — you are likely to find yourself fully engaged in a battle to regain at least some semblance of the reality you once knew. The reality you were certain would be yours forever. And, why not. Normal is your comfort zone. It’s where you should be most at ease.

The problem is finding your way back to that sweet spot is not as easy as you’re likely to think it might be.

A big part of the problem is not paying enough attention to where that normal is or what it looks and feels like while we’re there. We’re too busy being there to think about where “there” is and what it’s all about. Consequently, the goal can be more than a little fuzzy.

We’re too busy enjoying normal: experiencing it, to actually define it and that’s a tragedy! Especially, when it’s likely there will come a time when you find yourself struggling to return there. And, perhaps, that’s the lesson. A lesson of recognition and appreciation for the mundane. The little things. Everything we tend to take for granted until it is no longer a part of our current reality.

You see the cold hard truth is that it will take serious work to fight your way back to that normal once you’ve lost it. Once it’s been taken from you.

It will take work and the only thing likely to make that journey easier is a clear picture of what your normal looked and felt like when it was yours to enjoy!

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