The Question Only You Can Answer…

Mitch Schneider
July 19, 2021

There are times it seems the world is neatly divided into two groups. One group incessantly asking, “Why me?” And the other, “Why not me?”

The older I get the more obvious the difference becomes. What isn’t obvious is how or why you slip into one group and not the other. This was reinforced during lunch with two High School buddies the other day. Lunch, and a seemingly simple question. “Looking back on when we were in High School did you ever think we’d become this successful?”

I know. I know… What does successful mean? Financial success? Independence from want or need? Or are we talking about satisfaction? Contentment. My family was struggling when we moved to California. We arrived on August 15. I got my driver’s license on August 23. And I was parking cars on La Cienega Blvd. on August 24th. Not because it was a great job (Actually, it was!). But because any job was a great job when every penny counts.

The question was legitimate. Could the High School you look far enough into the future and see that more successful version of yourself? All three of us worked hard to move from struggle to security. A point where each of us stopped asking “Why me?” Why was I dealt such a difficult hand? And instead asked, “Why not me?”

The Answer is Simple…

The answer is simple. There is no real reason it can’t be you. No reason you can’t have what everyone else seems to have. All you need is to make the sacrifices and do the work everyone who has made that journey before you has been willing to make.

Your situation changes when you decide to change it. When you go one step beyond “Why not me?” and ask, “What will it take to get from parking cars on La Cienega Blvd to raising a family, running a successful business, and having lunch in Porter Ranch some fifty years later?”

Once you ask the question you can start looking for all the right answers.


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