The Sweet Scent of Distraction

Mitch Schneider
September 17, 2019

My theme for today’s post was distraction. I actually started to outline what I wanted to talk about yesterday. But, then — of course — I got distracted!!!

No, really! That’s what happened, which made it abundantly clear that’s what I had to talk about today.

Someone once told me that glitter was the herpes of the crafts world because once you open your universe to the wonderful world of glitter you can never get rid of it. Distractions are kind of like that only you don’t have to open anything. You don’t have to invite them into your life because they are already there. They are there and not likely to go anywhere!

Distractions are the natural enemy of achievement and accomplishment. The ultimate predator when it comes to productivity and success.

What kind of distractions? How about all things electronic? How about all things related to social media?

How many times in the course of the do you check: your smart phone, your tablet or your computer to see where you are in the universe and how you stack up against everyone else? And, how does that help you get anything done I wonder? And, yes, I’m guilty of that myself — But, only at certain times and on my terms whenever I can help it!

You battle distractions with a singlemindedness of purpose. With discipline and determination. You start by prioritizing worthwhile projects and attacking the ones likely to make the most difference first: those likely to have the greatest impact.

You take small bites out of a project when you begin so you don’t choke on too big a bite!

Like a great fitness regimen, focus, discipline, determination, singlemindedness of purpose all require exercise to increase strength. And, just like all of the above, that exercise should be limited at first to ensure you don’t burn out.

Finally, focus on your strengths and avoid getting started on anything that might stop your momentum. Don’t get involved with known obstacles or things that might become obstacles. Great success is built on small successes… Accomplish those first and remember to celebrate every time you ignore a Pink Bunny or a crafty Squirrel!



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